Raleigh Oak Charter School is a Public Charter School guided by the principles of Public Waldorf Education. 


Raleigh Oak Charter School will educate the whole child - head, hands and heart. ROCS will provide a professional, educator-led pedagogical program guided by the core principles of Public Waldorf Education, and strengthened by our parents and community's talents and resources.


ROCS shall stimulate each child to flourish into a creative, inquisitive, critically thinking individual with a self-image of competency, a vision of social responsibility, an acumen for cross-cultural communication, and a reverence for our planet. 

Raleigh Oak Charter School is part of a national movement to incorporate Waldorf pedagogy in public schools. Austrian scholar Rudolf Steiner developed Waldorf education in the wake of World War I. Since Nevada's Yuba River Charter School opened in 1994, forty-three public schools across the US have adopted Public Waldorf methods. The Alliance for Public Waldorf Education is an organizational network of public schools within this movement. Using demographic and achievement data, ROCS will tailor its program to meet target students' needs. 

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Raleigh Oak Charter School

9400 Forum Drive

Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: (919) 424-7626

Fax: (919) 424-7630

E-Mail: info@raleighoakcharter.org 

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