Raleigh Oak Charter School is founded on a developmental approach; therefore, we understand the need for young children to have the appropriate amounts of time for structured and unstructured learning experiences. We also see the need for older children to have relevant and rigorous homework that allows them to practice skills at home and improve their abilities. The schedule below reflects the growing capacities of children to learn and work with explicit academic subjects.


Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Parents are asked to facilitate completion of the child’s homework by reading to their children at least 20 minutes every day, helping their child complete at least one chore per day, and supporting their child’s creative play and exploration.


3rd Grade
Homework will be given to the students directly and the parents may be asked to help them complete it. This will include reading for at least 30 minutes every school day (with your child either reading with you and/or to you), weekly teacher-generated math or spelling practice, and/or main lesson enrichment mini-projects that entail parent involvement. Homework will be checked by the teacher promptly and then returned with specific feedback.


4th-5th Grades
Homework may include teacher-generated math or spelling practice, occasional worksheets from other sources, reading assignments, and occasional main lesson enrichment projects. In addition, instrument-playing practice five days a week will be added. Occasional specialty class homework may also be given during the school week. Written homework will be checked by the teacher and returned to the student each week. 


6th-8th Grades
Homework may include math, spelling and/or vocabulary practice and is typically less teacher-generated and more worksheets. In addition, reading assignments, instrument playing practice, occasional main lesson enrichment projects, main lesson book work that was not completed in class and occasional specialty class homework (Spanish, eurhythmy, handwork, etc.) will be given. Homework will be checked and completion or incompletion will factor into the students’ performance.

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