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Our global society faces progressively more complicated challenges and there is an undeniable urgency to educate children for the 21st century. Raleigh Oak Charter School’s instructional program draws upon the time-tested yet innovative Waldorf educational approach which is then merged with the educational standards of the State of North Carolina. We are committed to educating the whole child and foster the unfolding of each child’s true potential. Our methods place equal emphasis on a solid academic foundation, artistic expression, social development and attention to the inner life of a child. Our vision for an educated person in the 21st century is as follows:

Reverence and Stewardship
A sense of reverence empowers students with the ability to develop an understanding and appreciation for the interdependence of all life. Students with a strong sense of reverence reflect this knowledge through conscientious respectful actions involving themselves, other people, and the world around them. They have appreciation for truth, beauty and the world. They connect with others. They are compassionate, communicative, grateful, and strive to build interdependent relationships, which positively impact the world.


Creative and Imaginative Thinking
Creative and imaginative thinking empowers students with the ability to think unconventionally, to question assumptions, and to imagine new scenarios. Imaginative thinkers craft astonishing work because they recognize their creative capacities and celebrate them through a variety of artistic mediums. They also act on opportunities and show willingness to take reasonable risk.


Critical Thinking and Good Judgment
Critical thinking and sound decision-making empower students with the ability to assess the credibility, accuracy, and value of the information that barrages them every day. Critical thinkers and wise decision-makers analyze and evaluate information while still honoring their intuitive capacities. They think through solutions and alternatives and explore new options if their approaches don’t work. This often entails working well with diverse peoples to make reasoned, ethical decisions and take purposeful action.

Literacy empowers students with the ability to read, write, listen and articulate in compelling ways. At Raleigh Oak Charter School, literacy goes beyond the traditional meaning to also include people who are mathematically competent, scientifically and technologically adept. They develop their creative and physical abilities as well.


Responsibility and Self-Reliance
A strong sense of responsibility empowers students with the ability to be vital, disciplined, and hard-working individuals. Responsible people take initiative, self-regulate, and are fully accountable for their own actions. They honor their capacities and have a can-do attitude. They follow-through on commitments and honor their word.


Life-Long Learning
The qualities listed above culminate in an enthusiastic life-long learner. Students in the 21st century must be joyful.

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