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Waldorf education was born in post World War I Europe, when socio-economic, political, and technological circumstances were shifting rapidly. Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, began working with social leaders (including Emil Mort who owned the Waldorf-Astoria factory in Stuttgart, Germany) to develop an educational methodology that would cultivate in young people a solid foundation in helping them develop into free, moral, and integrated individuals who could meet the challenges of the 20th century.

Steiner put forth the premise that human beings have a threefold nature: physical, social-emotional, and intellectual. Hence, in his educational model, the heart must be taught with equal intention to the mind and body.

Since Steiner's time, Waldorf Education has engaged all aspects of a child's being.  His developmentally based approach to education entered the public realm in America with the birth of the charter movement in the 1990s. Raleigh Oak Charter School adheres to this holistic educational picture. 

Addressing the threefold nature of our students allows them to move gradually into adulthood as mentally, physically, and emotionally human beings.

Raleigh Oak Charter School is a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and is guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. As a progressive public charter school in Wake County, ROCS is committed to ensuring that more children and families have access to this type of education.

Our community-initiated school was born in 2015 when a small group of dedicated directors, educators, and dreamers came together to write our mission and draft the intentions for our small school. Our charter was granted in 2017, and the school opened its doors at 9400 Forum Drive in August 2018 as a K-4 school. In the 2019-2020 school year, we currently serve grades K-5. A grade level will be added each year through 2022 until we become a K-8 school as our founders intended. 

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