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What is a Charter School? 

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that are free to be more innovative and are held accountable for improved student achievement. Children have different ways of learning, and public charter schools simply offer families a wider variety of options to serve such differences. Click here to learn more.

Why limit screen time? 


Research Supports Limiting Screen Time for Young Children
Patti Connolly and Diana Graber, digital literacy educators at the Journey School in Los Angeles, presented research that supports screen time limitations for young children.  The paper was presented to the California Department of Education and may help educators secure a permanent pencil and paper option for students in Alliance member schools in CA, in third through fifth grade, when taking standardized tests.

Why Limit Screen Time



Waldorf 100: Learn to Change the World


Considering Waldorf – Documentary Trailer from Sam Russell

Discover Waldorf Education: Waldorf Education for All (Waldorf Method Charter Schools) from


Waldorf 100: Learn to Change the World (Part 2)

THINKING, FEELING, WILLING - Nairobi Waldorf School

 Educating Children for the Journey: Jack Petrash at TedxRockCreekPark

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