Hey there, ROCStars!

Thank you so much to everyone that has stepped up to volunteer for tasks both large and small in recent weeks.  Our school was born through the efforts of a dedicated community who believed in the idea of public Waldorf education, and the continued dedication and support of our community (both staff and families) is what will make our school successful for years to come.

Here are some ways you can support ROCS in the coming week:

  • Pajama Day on Friday 9/23: optional $1 donations are greatly appreciated
  • Spirit Night at Urban Air 9/29 (see attached flyer)
  • Carpool Cooldown (we may add additional week(s))
  • Carpool Helpers
  • Opt in to receive e-mails from your room parent(s).  The school cannot give your e-mail address to a room parent without your permission, so we ask that teachers share room parent contact information and have families that wish to receive updates contact the room parent to opt in.  It’s a little cumbersome, but it is the best way to find out about things like coordinated teacher gifts and volunteer opportunities in the classroom.  We encourage all families to opt in!

Have a wonderful week and get ready to rock those jammies on Friday!