Hi ROCStars,  

Many thanks to those of you who were able to join for this evening’s meeting. For those who were not, we wanted to share a few key takeaways:

    • In keeping with NCDHHS and Strong Schools Toolkit guidance, the ROCS Board voted to implement mandatory and discreet weekly testing for any staff member who has reported they are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or has failed to report their vaccination status. This mitigation strategy will aid in protecting against staff members being in the building with a possible positive diagnosis. The administration will work to ensure that this strategy doesn’t seem punitive and is respectful of an individual’s potential underlying health concerns.
    • Before and Aftercare is being offered for the coming school year. Keep an eye on your inboxes in the coming days for registration and program information.
    • Will Gholston was voted onto the Board of Directors and will be taking over Treasurer responsibilities from Jeremy Altfeder.
    • ROCS is proceeding with the charter renewal process with the Office of Charter Schools.
    • The Admin team reported that the past several weeks of full staff training was a resounding success. Continued Professional Development and training of this nature was cited as one of the key reasons for improved reading and math scores during the past year.
    • In support of keeping students outside as much as possible this year, we are happy to welcome our new play set in the back playground, new picnic tables, a four square court and recreational toys in the front play yard.
    • ROCS was awarded a $3,000 Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant (out of 1400 applicants!) to continue the buildout of our community garden.
    • Permanent facilities conversations are still underway, but we do not currently have any news that we are able to report. Once we are under contract, we’ll be able to communicate more specifics and will do so ASAP.

You can watch the full meeting, including a very robust Administrative Report, here.

With gratitude,

The ROCS Board of Directors