Hello ROCS community,

We had an information packed meeting last night and wanted to be sure to share some of the biggest takeaways: 

(1) The board voted to accept the administration’s proposal to align with school districts across the state to set aside time for students and staff to take a wellness day on Friday, November 12th. Therefore, no classes will be in session on November 11th (Veteran’s Day) or the 12th (Wellness Day). We all know how hard the administration and staff have been working throughout the pandemic to teach and care for our children, and we recognize the need for both students and staff to take time away for their mental well-being. To help parents who may be in need of child care on that day, we’ve created a list for the community to utilize for Drop-In Care Resources in partnership with the Parent Circle. 
(2) Per state bill, we are required to vote at least once a month on whether our face covering policy should be modified. In keeping with guidance from NCDHHS and the NC Strong Schools Toolkit, the board voted to maintain our current mask requirement. The board will vote on this issue every month. Unless you hear from the administration, it is safe to assume our mask requirement will stay in place for the foreseeable future.
(3) The administration gave a robust update, including  in-depth analysis of the most recent testing results. You’ll want to watch the recording for this one.
(4) Permanent facilities conversations are still underway, but the board hopes to be under contract on some land in the coming week or two. Once we are under contract, we’ll be able to communicate more specifics and will do so as soon as possible.
The ROCS Board of Directors