Hello ROCS families!

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful and adventurous summer. Below, you’ll find key takeaways from last night’s regular meeting of the ROCS Board of Directors. If you’re new to the school, just know that you can expect to receive these key takeaway emails sometime during the first week of each month, after each regularly-scheduled board meeting. More information can be found on our website under “Our School” and “Board of Directors.”

(1) As our school enters its fifth year of existence, our student body, staff, and community are growing larger than ever before. We cannot wait to welcome our new families, and for the first time, have a full K-8 school, as our charter promises.

(2) We are inching closer and closer to finally being able to announce our permanent school building location. Still, the numerous experts in law, architecture, land development, real estate, and finance — who are partnering with us throughout this process — are telling us to hold tight and keep quiet just a little longer. Please remember that the school will remain at 9400 Forum Drive for at least the 2022-23 school year.

(3) We have an ongoing need for substitute teachers! If you’re interested in joining our substitute pool — or know any qualified candidates who would be — please email adawson@raleighoakcharter.org for more information.

(4) Expect to hear from the school soon about grade-level meet-and-greets over the summer and additional opportunities to tour the building, meet with administrators, and ask questions!

Enjoy your week,