Hello ROCStars,

Below are the key takeaways from the November regular board meeting of the ROCS Board of Directors.

(1) The board’s November 8th presentation to the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) regarding our 2023 Charter Renewal went very well. From here, the CSAB makes their recommendations to the State Board of Education (SBE), who will make their renewal decisions in January.

(2) Prior to Thanksgiving break we had two strong candidates on campus to complete third round interviews for the Executive Director position. We are hopeful to have a final decision to share with you all before winter break.

(3) We are excited to welcome two new staff members to our ROCS community and to celebrate one internal promotion: Welcome Ms. Sloan Felton, 1st Grade IA and Ms. Gena Judge, EC IA for 1×1. Congratulations to Ms. Jennifer Hauser on her promotion from IA to full time classroom teacher.

(4) This board meeting also served as our Title 1 Annual Stakeholder Meeting. Link to presentation. Link to Family & Engagement Policy. Form for feedback. Please take some time to review and share your thoughts. 

With gratitude,
The ROCS Board of Directors