Happy Monday, ROCStars!  Here are a few updates for your week from Parent Circle.

This is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Please join us in celebrating our incredible teachers.  Suggested themes for each day are below, but feel free to express your appreciation however you like.  Also, we have suggested each grade focus on a particular specials teacher since it can be overwhelming for families to try and show all of them our appreciation.

Monday: Teachers Light Up Our Lives (Wear neon/bright colors)
Tuesday: Write a poem or a rhyme for a teacher
Wednesday: Favorite Subject Day (wear the color associated with your favorite subject). Math = Blue, Science = Green, ELA = Red, Spanish = Orange, Music/Handwork/Arts = Purple.
Thursday: Provide a favorite snack or drink or a giftcard to a teacher. I’ll pin the list of staff favorites.
Friday: Our Teachers are ROCStars! Wear your ROCS gear to support our teachers.
Specials Assignments:
K-1: Mr. Ben
2-3: Ms. Lindsay
4-5: Mrs. Loy
6-8: Tia Roxi

Yard Sale Fundraiser: Our next fundraiser will be a Yard Sale.  Please see the flyer below.  A signup is located here.

Early Release Potluck Luncheon:  A signup for our next potluck luncheon for staff is located on our school-wide event Sign Up page.  There are also opportunities to assist in Kindergarten classrooms for volunteers with background checks!

May Day Tailgate:  May Day will be celebrated on May 5th.  Parent Circle will be hosting a tailgate in the parking lot immediately after morning drop off.  We will have coffee and an informal clothing swap if you have items you have outgrown and want to share.  This will give parents a place to hang out between drop off and your child’s May Pole celebration or in between them if you have multiple kiddos.

Donations:  As you can see, we have a lot going on!  We gratefully accept monetary donations to support our work.  We can accept PayPal (paypal.me/rocspc) or Venmo (@ROCSPC).

Thank you for your support.  It’s been Parent Circle’s most successful year to date and that’s because of YOU!