As of June 13th, work is underway to move ROCS from Forum Dr to Sumner Blvd. This is a very exciting (and exhausting) time for our school. As you can imagine, prepping a new home for our students while simultaneously cleaning up our existing location is no small undertaking.

This is not something that can be performed by the same small group of people that consistently give their heads, hearts and hands to ROCS. If you are reading this and you are able, we need YOU.

The staff showed up in a very big way today and worked diligently to assist with the move. We still need all hands on deck (yes, your hands!) to get us out of our Forum building and into our bigger and better space on Sumner. We have organized two Volunteer Work Weekends for June 17-18 at Forum Drive and June 24-25 at Sumner Boulevard, but if those don’t work for you, we’d love for you to choose your own time to show up and lend a hand. Feel free to coordinate with the Board or Parent Circle directly on this.

If you’re intimidated by the skills needed to volunteer, we can assure you no special training is required. If you’re worried about finding a babysitter, we want to remind you that kids are welcome to join for most tasks, so pretty please look over the volunteer needs here and sign up where your family can help:

This is an awesome way to get to know other ROCS families and build pride and a sense of ownership in our school, because if you don’t do it, who will?