Dear ROCS Parents,

I’m writing to ask for your help in boosting our enrollment for next year.  

We have printed flyers, and will soon have yard signs, that need to be posted in strategic locations where “ROCS-minded families” might spend their time: think preschools, craft stores, markets such as Whole Foods/Harmony Farms/Sprouts and area plant nurseries. Also consider churches, gyms, kids’ activity spaces, pediatricians’ offices, and businesses in the vicinity of our future location near Wake Med on New Bern Ave.

If you’re able to help, this link will take you to a survey that will help us identify places to post, and to gather names of volunteers who can help distribute them to those locations. We would like to begin this distribution next week, so please respond by Sunday 1/29.

If you would like to share an electronic copy of the flyer through email or social media, including community-based platforms like Nextdoor, I encourage you to distribute this copy with a message that encourages families to apply to our lottery.

Our future success depends upon significant growth in our enrollment next year and beyond. 

Thank you for any assistance you can provide in helping achieve that goal. Doing so will grow not only the size of our school, but the quality of the ROCS experience for our entire community. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

In partnership,

Dr. J