Dear ROCS Families,

I hope this spring weather is giving you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. For the gardeners among us, be sure to watch the dropping temperatures closely and protect your new plantings as needed. We will soon be seeing our own gardens at ROCS waking up with flowers and vegetables! This week’s memo has a few updates and reminders:

Committee Membership
We are excited to launch our new committee membership initiative at ROCS! Not only do we value the input of our talented, passionate community, we NEED your participation to help our school be all that it can be. Although a few specific skill sets would be of great value for some committees (e.g. accounting, non-profit fundraising, grant writing, web design, marketing, general contracting, interior design, move logistics, event planning), what really matters most is simply an interest and willingness to help out. Since ROCS has minimal non-instructional staff, we hope that as many of our community members as possible – including teachers, parents, grandparents, and friends – will volunteer to serve on one of these five committees: Finance, Governance, Development, Enrollment & Outreach, and Sungate Stakeholders. Full descriptions of each can be found HERE, or you can visit the Committees page on our website.

To sign up, just fill out this Google form! Thanks so much for your support – we can’t wait to get you involved!

Dress Code
As the weather changes, so will our students’ dress habits. This section of our handbook provides guidance in making clothing decisions for school:

-Kindergarteners should have an extra set of clothes in a clear plastic bag with your child’s name printed in permanent marker on the outside. For grades 1-5, a change of clothes is optional but recommended.
-We emphasize a nurturing and healthy physical school environment.
-Clothes worn to school are to be comfortable and simple
-Neat and clean appearance
-Weather appropriate, non-distracting and well-fitting tops and dresses
-Clothes should be free of vulgar messages as well as depictions or messages of violence, tobacco, drugs, or alcohol use. (This includes backpacks, lunch boxes, bottles and outerwear – jackets, sweaters, hats).
-Weather-appropriate shoes – covering toes; no flip-flops (for safety)
-Simple jewelry
-Shorts or leggings need to be worn under dresses and skirts for active play.
Sun hats, sturdy footwear, raincoats and rain boots, and cold weather gear (layers of clothes) all play a large role in ensuring the students’ enjoyment of activities in all weather.

These guidelines may not cover all situations and teachers may have a special need to address particular attire. Please feel free to contact your class teacher if you have any questions about specific articles of clothing.

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures
Please remember that our carpool line flows from behind the building to the pick up/drop off lane. We have noticed an increase in families who are bypassing this flow and turning into the carpool zone directly from Sumner Blvd. Doing so affects safety by creating multiple flows of traffic, and can create situations where the line of those who are following the procedure are cut by those who are not. Everyone please follow the established carpool route – thank you in advance.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Dr. J


  • In partnership,
    Dr. J